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We are a family business whose management and shareholders are part of the family. The company consists of 3 departments. We have more than 20 years of experience in each of these branches. The Construction Department is headed by Robert Jankiewicz, who for over 23 For many years he has been dealing with construction services, in particular, erecting reinforced concrete structures filled with silicate materials, thanks to this experience he effectively manages the production of silicate bricks in our factory. Another department of our company is IT department, led by an experienced director Grzegorz Stańczuk, who has many years of experience in the IT industry.

Doświadczenie naszej firmy to doświadczenie naszej kadry. Wszystko zaczęło się od informatyzacji firmy Pana Janusza Jankiewicza Aquael in the mid-1990s. To date, we have completed several dozen IT projects, some of them for amounts exceeding 5 million Gold.

Many years of experience and numerous contacts, which the Management Board gained in the construction industry, resulted in an increase in our interest in the Eastern market, especially in Ukraine. This market is particularly well known and close to us, also due to the family aspect.Both business and private contacts allowed us to effectively recognize the specificity of the Ukrainian labor market. At the same time, for many years we have been noticing and directly experiencing difficulties in obtaining a construction worker on the Polish market. Hence the idea of creating of the Temporary Employment AgencyThrough which we help Ukrainian citizens to take up employment in Poland and thus provide ourselves as well as many Polish companies with the desired personnel.

Creation of Training Department in our company was only a matter of time. Based on our extensive experience in recruiting and training employees, we have focused on autonomous development in this field. Currently, we have a qualified training staff, we offer specialized training for companies from the SME sector.

Because Max-Biz has an implemented Management System for training providerswhich, on the basis of the decision of 24.09.2018, was positively evaluated by the European Centre for Quality and Promotion, which resulted in our being awarded on 25.09.2018. ISO 29990 certification: 2010 In the field of specialist training for companies from the SME sector, we also provide training services with the possibility of EU funding.

Max-Biz Sp. z o. o. has Authorisation No 023783 - the Chief Road Transport Inspector for the pursuit of the occupation of road transport operator and Licence No TU-059241 concerning the international carriage of goods by road for hire or reward.

                                ISO certificate Employment Agency certificate

                               Authorisation Licence 

For the pursuit of the occupation of carrier concerning international 

carriage of goods by road for hire or reward 

We are pleased to announce that the initiative of Mr. Dariusz Jankiewicz resulted in the establishment of Bartycka.Biz Sp. z o. o. company, in which he is the President. The company is implementing in the territory of Ukraine a project under the same name consisting in the establishment of a shopping centre dealing with the distribution and sale of Polish construction products on a highly promising market just beyond our eastern border.

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Dariusz Jankiewicz


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Robert Jankiewicz

Director of the Construction Department

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Michał Jankiewicz

Junior Engineer

Stationary phone: 226 900 846
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Marek Przegaliński

Senior SEO/SEM Manager

Tel: 515 281 448
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