Regarding the implementation of specialised trainings, the company is based on the rich experience of Director-General Dariusz Jankiewicz, as well as numerous contacts gained by him.

Dariusz Jankiewicz was a member of the School Brothers ' Association, where he gained knowledge of scholastics and pedagogy for four years. This allowed him To gain a catechetical education, through which he could improve the ability to convey knowledge.

The combination of a multi-year internship in the field of scholastics and experience in the IT industry enabled him to develop in the field of training. Dariusz Jankiewicz has specialized in training employees as well as business partners from the proprietary system of Groupware platform (PPG), as well as working in the cloud (next cloud). In addition, he trained staff of local government units for the use of OpenOffice PL. These trainings were carried out throughout Poland, with a total of about 500 people trained.

In addition, in his career Dariusz Jankiewicz earned the right powers and trained his employees in the field of OSH.

Currently Dariusz Jankiewicz is the CEO of Max-Biz and it was from his initiative was appointed training department in our company.

The company focuses on continuous development and high quality of services offered. Therefore, the training that will be offered through BUR has sought to acquire a highly skilled workforce.

Thus, thanks to the cooperation with Lodz University of Technology in 2017, which resulted in a positive opinion on the innovation of the product MKS Max-Biz, the company has contacted Prof. Dr HAB. Inż. Jerzy Lewandowski-author of the aforementioned. Reviews. Professor Lewandowski has extensive experience in the field of business training and is currently working with us on the program of specialized training courses.

In addition, our training staff is funded by a qualified team, consisting of lecturers, teachers, trainers, project implementers, PhD student of Warsaw University of Technology Jakub Tomczak, who specializes in topics related to the cooperation of the world of science and business, carries out activities at the Warsaw University of Technology Of the subjects: business process modelling, IT management systems, information technology, Management visions (English language studies).

Thanks to our experience and the above-mentioned group, we are ready to pursue training. SCRUM, GDPR, modern sales techniques, social Media in business, Java training, Android.

The training will take place in Warsaw at the Warsaw University of Technology and in Lublin on Frezerów Street 3.



Our offer:

  1. Scrum

  2. Rodo

  3. Modern sales techniques

  4. Social Media in Business

  5. Java Training

  6. Android

Training staff.

Prof. Dr HAB. Inż. Jerzy Lewandowski

Dr Robert Blażlak

Peter Młodzianowski

Daniel Młodzianowski

Jerzy Ryżanycz

Magdalena Ruszczak