New research and development ...

We are pleased to announce that with the new year our company has started research work on the business application of nanosatellites available on the market. two images of nanosatellites using the following links :

Christmas Eve at the time of the epidemic ...

On Monday 21 December 2020, the CEO of Max-Biz Sp. z o. o. Dariusz Jankiewicz organized a Christmas Eve meeting for all employees. In epidemic times, the meeting was held on two levels - a few people celebrated in person at the company headquarters, while the vast majority

Minicomputer for MKS Max-biz car

We are pleased to announce that the Max-Biz company has signed an agreement for co-financing of the project entitled "Minicomputer for the car MKS MaxBiz", which is implemented under the Regional Operational Programme of the Lublin Voivodeship for the years 2014-2020 Priority axis 3 Competitiveness of enterprises Measure 3.7 Increase of competitiveness of SMEs, competition

Integration meeting

The event started with a trip to the shooting range (for those willing) and shooting with different kinds of weapons, starting with pistols and ending with single and double-barrel rifles. All this took place under the control of an experienced instructor, provided by the security company 24. Then the event

Organisation of an integration meeting

Despite the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, we do not give in to the financial difficulties that have affected companies and crowds of employees around the world. Despite many months of isolation and remote working, we meet the pattern of previous years on our annual

MKS Max-Biz Minicomputer in research phase

The IT department of our company conducts intensive research on the MKS Max-Biz Minicomputer - an original and innovative device, which we expect to find wide application in the automotive industry. The conducted research works are connected with our company's application for an EU date on

Happy birthday!

On Friday 12 June 2020, our team celebrated a nice and unique event. Our youngest computer graphic designer Yelyzaveta Hordia is 18 years old! Privately Yelyzaveta - Eliza is a talented first year student of computer graphics at the Academy

Training in Marinin

On 29 May 2020, in the Research and Training Centre in Marynin, in accordance with the contract concluded, training for the Management Board and employees of Polkard Sp. z o.o., a well-known company on the medical market, took place. The training concerned practical application of the company purchased by

The successful sale of our products...

In accordance with the assumptions set by the Management Board of our company for 2020, we are implementing sales plans. Through our distributor Bartycka.Biz Sp. z o. o. we sold significant amounts of silicate bricks for the implementation of the development project "Villa Akacja" at Akacjowa Street in Pruszków.

EU funds are getting closer and closer ...

We were pleased to learn that our project "Minicomputer for the MKS Max-Biz car" received the preliminary approval of the EU implementing institution meeting the formal criteria. The project was qualified for substantive assessment in the competition RPLU.03.07.00-IP.01-06-001/19 under Priority Axis 3 Competitiveness of enterprises, Measure 3.7 Growth