3 August 2019

Memories of the charm and new perspectives…

As announced on Saturday 3 and 10 August 2019, the On the Zegrze reservoir was held an integration meeting of the Board and employees of the company Max-Biz Sp. z o.o. The meeting, which should be particularly stressed, was of a family nature. We have met with members of our families, our spouses, husmen and children. The pleasantly spent time has been filled with a number of attractions, thanks to which our meeting took a rumieńców.

We sincerely thank the management Board of Max-Biz Sp. z o.o., all employees of the company and friends for organizing and assisting in the preparation of the meeting.

Darius Jankiewicz


11th July 2019

Max-Biz has purchased the first of ten planned tirówcrew a
nd the management sees in this opportunity for great development.

Darius Jankiewicz


18th June 2019

We are joining WOODAAAA

Many days of heat have become an opportunity for the informal meeting of employees of Max-Biz Sp. z o.o. On one of the bar moored on the banks of the Vistula. The meeting, because it was very successful, was the desire to repeat it. We hope that soon the management board of the company and employees of Max-Biz together with their families will meet on the beautiful Zegrze Reservoir…

Darius Jankiewicz


4th June 2019

New company management guidelines for the company’s construction department

The celebration of the 30th anniversary of the election on 4th June 1989 has become an opportunity for the board of Directors of Max-Biz Sp. with o. about. To summarize the achievements of the building Department of the company gained in new economic and market realities after transformation.

Among the numerous investments made by employees of the company Max-Biz Sp. with o. about. Residential buildings, public facilities and special purpose constructions.

A remarkable, yet honoring challenge for the employees of the company were successfully completed subcontracting work in the construction of the Temple of Divine Providence in Warsaw. Employees at Max-Biz Sp. z o.o. They performed in the temple the fragile, the way of the cross and the premises of the lower Church-the pantheon of great poles.

A large venture made by Pacers from Max-Biz Sp. with o. about. Were construction work in the realization of more than 17 thousand. M2 of Terminal 1 at Warsaw Chopin Airport. This task, implemented in general terms, required the company’s employees both to be knowledtable, to respect high standards, as well as to meet the short deadlines for the implementation of the agreed work.

Based on the gained positive experience-the management board of the company Max-Biz Sp. with o. about. decided to strategically strengthen the company’s construction department, putting in the coming years to the intense development of the production of silicone brick.

On the occasion of the anniversary, we congratulate the management company Max-Biz Sp. with o. about. Achievements in the construction industry and we wish you success in developing a new branch of silicon production.

Darius Jankiewicz


May 30th 2019

III National Scientific Conference DEMIST ‘ 19

On 30 May 2019, the Mr Dariusz Jankiewicz – Chairman of the Board of the company Max-Biz Sp. z o.o. At the invitation of the organizers participated in the III edition of the nationwide scientific conference DEMIST – Digital Econjomy Management, Innovation, Society & Technology, which took place at the Centre for Innovation Management and transfer of techgnology of Polytechnics Warsaw.

This year’s meeting of representatives of the world of science, business and administration was an opportunity to get acquainted with the management company Max-Biz Sp. with o. about. Developments in the digital technology market and to participate in the panel discussion, M. in. On the regulation, prospects and use of blockchain in practice.

More information on the conference websites here

Darius Jankiewicz


29 April 2019

On behalf of the Board of Directors Max-Biz Sp. with o. about. Thank you for allowing the company’s representatives to have a successful business visit to the SLS Group “KvarcMelProm” in the Republic of Belarus on 29 and 30 April 2019.

To the hands of the ambassador, I wish to thank the employees of the consular Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in POLAND for their extraordinary commitment, assistance and preparation of the required documents entiting them to a business trip.

Darius Jankiewicz


29 April 2019

On 29 and 30 April 2019, the Council The Board of Directors of Max-Biz Sp. with o. about. Together with the employees responsible for the work of the Agency’s company, participated in business meetings in the Republic of Belarus in Brest and other towns whose purpose was to acquire workers on their own Needs and the needs of cooperating companies on the Labour agency.

16 April 2019

The CEO of our company Mr Dariusz Jankiewicz met in the headquarters of PKP Cargo S. A. With representatives of Poland’s largest carrier in rail freight transport. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the terms of cooperation between Max-Biz Sp. with o. about. and PKP Cargo S. A. For the transport of signit bricks. Working consultations will be held in the coming days to negotiate the most favourable terms of the contract. Signing of the contract will be for Max-Biz Sp. with o. about. A milestone that will allow the distribution of large batches of goods even in the most distant regions of our country

27 March 2019

CEO Max-Biz Mr Dariusz Jankiewicz is thanking the CEO of ARIA S.A. Mr. Darius Lewandowski for an invitation to a special meeting held on 27 March. In the building of ZŁOTA 44 in Wa
rsaw. Prepared with the utmost professionalism, the meeting, thanks to extensive knowledge and unprecedented talent, enabled participants to become acquainted with the innovative construction technology of the 3E SYSTEM, which undoubtedly Revolutionizes the process of building single-family homes not only in Poland.
On behalf of the employees of Max-Biz, I express my appreciation for the creators OF the 3E SYSTEM, which is a whole Polish product, and Mr. D
ariuszowilewandowski, I wish you further outstanding accomplishments on CEO of ARIA S. A.

February 12th 2019

The company began assembling several hundred solar installations in the Lublin Voivodeship.

10 December 2018

We are pleased and uncovered pride to announce that one of our key collaborators – Mr. Jakub Tomczak received a PhD in economics in the field of management sciences of the Warsaw University of Technology faculty. We wish to be successful in the development of academic and professional careers.

25 September 2018

We are pleased to announce that we have completed the implementation of ISO 29990:2
010Certificate Number 25/09/2018/TS/WA/535/10

September 10th, 2018

We have built a professional training department that has grown to the size of an independent training department, so we decided to apply for an ISO 29990:2010 certificate.

6th September 2018

CEO Dariusz Jankiewicz has received the implementation of cryptographic technology (SSL certificate) based on Blockchains to secure websites on our servers. By using public and private key and data encryption, the SSL certificate is able to protect our data from other users of the network.

August 29th 2018

Meeting with partners of transport companies from Kiev in the headquarters of foreign Trade office in Kyiv Polska Agency for Investment and trade

S. A. Kozhumiatska Str. 14 B 04071, Kyiv

August 28th 2018

Polish – Ukrainian voyage of the Dnieper River. This extraordinary event is a meeting of representatives of leading Polish and Ukrainian companies during a picturesque boat trip. The aim of the business voyage is to present the most important directions of cooperation between the two countries and the integration of Polish and Ukrainian business. We will present to you the current investment potential, Poland and Ukraine

10th July 2018

Departure to Kiev. Meeting of the Director-General of Max-Biz, Mr. Dariusz Jankiewicz with the manager of the company foreign Trade Office Mr. Karol Kubica.

26 June 2018

The company decided to increase the office space and therefore moved to the new address of the headquarters: Warsaw, Ul. Bieżuńska 1

24 May 2018

The company has received a certificate of registration of the entity in the register of operators of employment agencies entiting to the provision of a temporary employment service

30 March 2018

The company’s management board decided to broadening the activities and the creation of the employment agency

19 December 2017

The supervisory board of the company decided to establish cooperation with Ukrainian companies in 2018 year. The aim is to expand international networks and increase sales opportunities.

October 31st 2017

Max-Biz is applying for an EU subsidy to create a product MKS-MAX-BIZ (mini-computer for car). The purpose of obtaining a grant is to create a mini-computer production line. Project value: 1 677 105zł

October 26th 2017

Company Max-Biz Sp. Z O.O. I sign a cooperation agreement with Orkanika Sp. Z O.O., which aims to purchase Mini-computers for the car.

October 20th 2017

Feedback on product innovation MKS-MAX-BIZ (mini-computer to car) issued by Prof. Zw. Dr hab. Inż. Jerzy Lewandowski University of Lodz

1st August 2017

Signing of a contract for the hiring of production warehouses for the production and sale of siatic products. Barbara Jaranski