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We are a family company whose management and shareholders are part of the family. The company consists of 3 departments. We have experienced over 20 years in each of these industries. The construction department is headed by Robert Jankiewicz, who for more than 23 years engaged in construction services and in particular, the erection of gel-concrete structures, filled with siliconed materials, thanks to this experience effectively directs production Silicone Brick in our factory. Another department of our company is the IT department, led by an experienced director Grzegorz Stańczuk, who has many years of experience in the information technology industry.

The experience of our company is the experience of our staff. It all began with the computerization of the company of Mr Janusz Jankiewicz Aquael in the mid-nineties. To this day we have completed dozens of IT projects, some over 5 million zlotys.

The long-standing experience and the numerous contacts that the management board has gained in the construction industry have resulted in an increase in our interest in the Eastern market, especially Ukraine. This market is especially known and close to us, also due to the family aspect. Both business and private contacts have enabled us to effectively recognise the specificties of the Ukrainian labour market. At the same time, we have seen and directly experience difficulties in obtaining a construction worker on the Polish market for many years. Hence the idea of creating a temporary employment agency, through which we help Ukrainian citizens to work in Poland and thus we provide ourselves as well as many Polish companies desirable staff.

The creation of the training department in our company was only a matter of time. Based on extensive experience in the acquisition and training of employees, we have put on autonomous development in this area. Currently we have qualified training staff, we offer specialised training for SME companies.

Thanks to the fact that Max-Biz has implemented a management System for training providers, which, on the basis of the decision of 24.09.2018 R. has been positively assessed by the European Quality and Promotion Centre, which has resulted in the granting of us on 25.09.2018. ISO 29990 Certification: 2010 In the field of specialised training for SME companies, we also provide training services with the possibility of EU funding.

Certificate ISO Certificate of employment Agency

"Bartycka-biz. p
l" Building Materials Trading Center

We are pleased to announce that Max-Biz Sp. z o.o. In 2019, she became the initiator and leader of the project in the territory of Ukraine under the name "Bartycka-biz.pl". The project as a consequence of the new strategy adopted by the Board of Directors consists in the establishment of a shopping centre dedicated to the distribution and sale of Polish construction products in a highly promising market just behind our eastern frontier.

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